Automobiles and Motorcycles


Vehicles are a common means of transportation. Whether you use a car or a motorcycle, you will need to have a helmet. A motorcycle will also require a seat belt.

Most people think of automobiles as four wheeled vehicles that can transport a driver and a passenger. However, the term “automobile” can be used to describe a variety of self-moving vehicles. In addition to the wheels, a motor vehicle can have four or more doors. There are also cars that have removable back seats.

Automobiles have been a staple of road transportation for years. Today, they are used by thousands of people worldwide. The number of vehicles owned has increased by 5-10 percent a year. While the industry continues to struggle, it is growing.

Honda is one of the leading companies in the motor-vehicle business. Although they have a strong presence in North America, they are increasingly targeting Asian and Latin American markets. Their recent launch of a new Odyssey minivan redefines the concept of a minivan. This 8-seater features an innovative low-floor platform. Its center of gravity is lower than a conventional van, providing a low roofline.

Honda’s latest model, the FCX fuel cell vehicle, combines clean fuel cell technology with Japanese aesthetics. Additionally, the display will include the Monpal 4-wheel electric wheelchair, Honda’s participation in the Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport’s Advanced Safety Vehicle program, and a number of concept vehicles.

Honda also has a major presence in Africa. Numerous Chinese brands operate in the region, including Baja and TVR.