Automobiles and the Automobile Industry

Automobiles are one of the most important inventions in history. They have made people’s lives much easier. You can travel to far away places with a car and it takes much less time than when you take the bus or train. Also you can spend more time with your family.

The automobile industry includes industries associated with the production, wholesaling, retailing and maintenance of motor vehicles. It is one of the largest and most diverse industry groups in the economy. It employs millions of workers in the United States. Many of these jobs are in high-tech sectors that use innovative designs and materials, such as robotics, computerization, and nanotechnology.

Before the automobile was invented, people traveled to distant places by foot or horse and buggy. The first cars were designed by Europeans, including Nikolaus Otto, Gottlieb Daimler and Karl Benz. In the early 20th century America became the centre of automobile production. Henry Ford invented the assembly line which was a revolution in manufacturing and made the automobile more affordable for the average family.

The design of an automobile depends on the purpose it is being built for. Automobiles that are intended for off-road use need durable, simple systems with good resistance to severe overloads and extremes in operating conditions. Vehicles that are intended for highway use need improved passenger comfort options, higher engine performance and optimized high-speed handling and stability.