Business Services at Kean University

Business services are any industry that helps a company function and maintain its productivity. This can include a wide range of industries from IT, to finance, to shipping and procurement. Business services are essential to all companies, and they can help ensure that the company has all of the resources it needs for success.

A service-based business has more flexibility in how it operates and is able to offer customized solutions for its clients. This type of business requires less start-up capital than a product-based business, and it can focus more on customer satisfaction. It is also possible for a service-based business to generate recurring revenue from long-term contracts with clients.

The Office of Business Services at Kean University provides leadership and expertise in the development, implementation and continuous improvement of auxiliary services essential for the University to fulfill its mission. These services include catering, vending, bookstore, banking, cash management and travel.

How to choose a business service provider

When choosing a business services provider, it is important to evaluate the scope of their offerings. Look for a provider that can provide all of the services that you require, and consider how well they work together as a team. You should also inquire about the tools and software that they use to deliver their services.

To view a list of business services, click the Business Services tab in SL1. The details for each service are displayed. Name. The name of the service. Description. A brief description of the service. RCA Options. Indicates whether Root Cause Analysis is enabled or disabled for the service. Status. The current state of the service. Health. The current health value of the service. Risk. The current risk value of the service. Policy. The service policy associated with the service. Date Updated. The date and time when the service was last updated.