Help For Gambling Problems

Gambling is a game of chance in which you stake something of value – like money or a car – for the chance to win a prize. It can happen in casinos, racetracks, TABs and even at home or online. While some people gamble responsibly, others over-indulge and run up debts that prevent them from working or caring for their families. This is known as problem gambling. People who are addicted to gambling can often feel a lot of emotions, including anger, fear and guilt. They may become secretive and defensive about their gambling habits, leading to family tensions.

Although problem gambling is a serious issue, there are some positive aspects of gambling too. Research shows that gambling provides an enjoyable hobby for many individuals, which allows them to socialize with friends and have a good time. In addition, it can help relieve stress and depression.

If someone is struggling with gambling problems, you can help by talking to them about their feelings. However, you should never put them down for their behaviour as this can be confusing for them and make them feel that you don’t care about them. It’s better to gently ask if they are concerned that their gambling is affecting their life negatively and offer support if they say yes.

You can also try to avoid triggers that encourage gambling. If your loved one’s route to work goes past a casino or TAB, for example, you can ask them to take a different route. You can also ask them to keep their credit cards and nonessential cash at home or limit how much they carry with them when going out.