Home Improvement – What You Need to Know

Home improvement

Home improvement is a broad term that covers the sale of building materials, appliances and decor, as well as the services provided by contractors, tradespeople and other workers who assist in the construction, installation and modification of homes.

Home improvements are a growing market, and one of the fastest-growing industries in the world today. This is due in part to an increased desire to make homes more functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing, particularly for homeowners who may be planning to sell their property in the future.

The average homeowner recoups 74 cents of every dollar they spend on home improvement when it comes time to sell their property, which means that spending on projects is often worth the effort and investment. Whether you are considering remodeling your kitchen or giving your yard a facelift, it is important to consider the cost, how much you can afford and what will improve your home’s value the most.

How to Find a Good Contractor

The best way to determine which contractors to hire is to perform research by asking friends, family and co-workers for recommendations. Then compare the firms’ prices, experience, reputation, and length of time in business before selecting a contractor.

What to Look For In A Contract

Maryland’s Home Improvement Law requires that all contracts for home improvement work be in writing and signed by both the consumer and the contractor before work begins or any money is paid. The contract must include the contractor’s name, address and MHIC license number preprinted on it. It must also include an arbitration clause.