How Fashion Changes

Fashion is an ever-changing style, a way of dressing, a trend. It is a style that can be influenced by a variety of sources, such as magazines, movies, celebrities and music. The style of an individual is a reflection of their personality, interests and lifestyle. Fashion is an important part of a person’s life, but it should not be taken too seriously.

The most obvious way that fashion changes is through clothes. A change in the color of a shirt or a pair of pants is one example, while the length of a skirt or the shape of a jacket may be more significant. Changes in clothing styles often follow the seasons: bright colors are associated with spring, warm and cozy garments with autumn, and long overcoats with winter. Fashions also follow celebrities and other cultural icons; for example, judges wear robes, soldiers wear uniforms, and brides wear white dresses.

The beginning of continuous and accelerating change in European clothing can be dated to late medieval times, though it was likely influenced by the theaters of Europe’s wars, where gentlemen officers observed foreign styles. Fashions can also be influenced by events, such as a royal wedding or celebrity deaths.

The main force that determines how fast and to what degree a particular type of clothing goes in and out of fashion is fashion houses and their designers, who work closely with celebrities. Other important forces are journalists who write about clothes and other accessories, and social media sites that spread the word about what’s in and out of fashion.