How to Write a News Article


News articles are a form of media reporting about current events. They can be found in newspapers, magazines, radio and television. They can also be found online. There are many different types of news stories, but all of them share the same basic techniques. Preparing to write a news article begins with researching the topic and identifying the audience. Asking questions like who the article is for, where does this audience live, is it local or national, and why are they reading will help to format an outline and determine what information to include.

The things that make good news often have a major effect on the lives of many people. This is what makes them significant and important to report on. For example, when someone in a prominent position loses their job it becomes news because it affects many people. Other examples of this are the stock market fluctuations that can lead to people losing a lot of money, and natural disasters which can destroy homes, businesses and towns.

Drama and emotion are other things that make good news stories. This is because they cause people to empathise with the subjects of the story. For example, a story about a baby tiger being born is newsworthy because it shows an animal with an unusual and special feature that attracts human interest. Other emotional news stories involve controversy, scandal and the public’s fascination with famous people. For instance, when people in the public eye are involved in controversies, fights, charges and counter-charges they become news.