The Automobile and Its Effect on American Society


The automobile has had a profound effect on American society. It has increased social mobility, allowing people to commute to work and visit family and friends in different towns and cities. It has also increased economic opportunities, creating new jobs in the auto industry and other ancillary industries that supply components for car manufacturing.

The modern automobile is a complex technical system consisting of subsystems that have specific design functions. The basic components of an automobile include a chassis, wheels, and engine. The latter is powered by an internal combustion of a volatile fuel that generates electricity and produces heat, which drives the wheels. An automobile’s power system includes a starter and an alternator to produce electricity for operating the motor. The automobile’s drive systems consist of transmission, clutch, and brakes to control the speed and direction of the wheels.

Whether it’s an SUV or a convertible, there are more choices than ever before when shopping for a vehicle. Adding to the mix are a variety of alternative fuel options, such as electricity and hydrogen-powered vehicles. And with the rise of online car-buying, many buyers are doing their research and negotiating prices from home. Despite the economic downturn of recent years, manufacturers are continuing to add features that consumers demand in their vehicles. Some of the most popular upgrades are wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, automatic wipers, a rearview camera and an improved infotainment system with a more user-friendly interface.