The Importance of News

News is information about events, obtained at every moment and everywhere, and communicated to the public in a quick manner. It presents current and interesting events, with a high level of accuracy. It also contains information about people and events that are not necessarily of immediate interest, but that are significant or important.

The most important thing in a news article is the headline, which must grab the attention of readers and convey the main news message. The rest of the news article should be written from the bottom up, with each paragraph giving less and less details as the story progresses. The last paragraph should contain a summary of the story and any key quotes from the sources interviewed.

It is usually human beings who make news, but non-human events can also be newsworthy. A cyclone, bush fire, drought, flood or earthquake can have dramatic effects on people and their property. Similarly, an attack on the Vatican by protesters can have implications for the future of the Church, and so is newsworthy.

Stories with positive overtones such as cures, recoveries and wins make good news. Stories with a sense of humour are also often newsworthy. It is important not to make the news dull. People can get entertainment from other sources and mediums such as music, drama and crosswords on radio or television, and from cartoons and colour supplements in newspapers. It is the job of the news media to inform and educate, not entertain.