The Importance of Relationships


Relationships are connections between people. They can be intimate, sexual, or non-sexual in nature and may also be based on family (blood), marriage, adoption, or fictive ties. People often have several relationships in their lives, including work, school, friends, and family. Some people prefer to be solo rather than part of a relationship, but research shows that having a few close relationships can add years to your life and reduce stress levels.

In healthy relationships, both people give and take in the same amount. This can be a balance of time together, responsibilities, intimacy, and energy, as well as affection, care, and love. Considering the amount of these things in your own relationship is a great way to evaluate whether it feels balanced, or if any areas could use more focus or intention.

Many people find that their relationships help them become a better version of themselves. They can be mirrors that show you both your strengths and weaknesses, and provide opportunities to learn to communicate better and resolve conflict. They can also serve as a source of joy and fulfillment, as well as an important support system during difficult times. Having a solid foundation in place is important for everyone, but it’s also important to recognize that not all problems can be solved, and that it’s okay to let go of a relationship when it is no longer working for you. Just be sure to give yourself time and space to heal after a break-up before entering another one.