Types of News


In the 20th century, the news became more and more important, thanks to the development of radio and television. Today, the internet plays a similar role. However, this new medium completely changed the business models of news organizations.

News has a short lifespan, so it is essential to tell stories in a timely manner. But not all things are newsworthy. For example, a 90-year-old man taking a bus is not newsworthy.

The most significant and interesting news is regarded as the most newsworthy. Stories that are newsworthy have to meet several criteria. They must have a high degree of impact, which means they have to be unusual or exciting. A news story must also be unique.

Most news is about people. This is especially true when it comes to the human interest story. People take interest in incidents that involve confrontation between groups. An assassination of Mrs Gandhi would be a newsworthy event.

Other types of news stories include feature articles and entertainment stories. These types of articles inform readers about the latest events and provide context. Entertainment stories might focus on sex, showbusiness, or other forms of light human interest. They may have a witty headline or humorous treatment.

Feature articles can be more in-depth than news articles. The purpose of feature articles is to provide a more in-depth, creative perspective on a subject. Some examples of feature articles include profiles of actors, evaluations of media, and how-to articles on certain topics.