Types of News


Traditionally, news has been about people and important events, but there are a variety of types of news. These types include health stories, money stories, human interest stories, and social issues.

Health stories can include health care, drugs, medical research, and diet. These stories can affect people of all ages. They are also important to people of all classes.

Money stories include taxes, school fees, and fortunes made and lost. They also include compensation claims. They can involve small amounts of money, like a rise in wages, or large amounts, like the Budget.

Health stories can also include the latest news on diseases. They may include medical research, and traditional remedies, like diets and exercise. They may also involve a new beer brand or entertainment.

Human interest stories can take place anywhere in the world. They can involve scandals or prominent people. They can also take place in the local area. They can involve a prominent person falling from power or losing money.

They can also involve a significant crime. For example, a coup in a neighboring country could affect the stability of the country in which it happened.

Weather events can also be newsworthy. A record high or low temperature may have an effect on the daily routines of people. They may also affect food prices and crop harvest sizes.

Local milestones can include important historical events, a successful finish of an initiative, or the awarding of a major contract.