Types of Relationships


Whether you’re a single person or a couple, relationships are an essential part of your life. They connect you to resources, people, and activities. Having a wide variety of relationships helps ensure your emotional well-being.

Some types of relationships include intimate relationships, friendships, and group or community relationships. Intimate relationships involve feelings of intimacy, physical touch, and sharing thoughts and hopes. The relationship may be sexual, non-sexual, or both.

A committed relationship is one in which two people are willing to make public vows to maintain the relationship. It also means spending time together and nurturing the connection. Usually, sex is a cornerstone of a committed relationship.

A casual relationship is a short-term, situational, or temporary relationship. It can include sex without the commitment of a long-term relationship. It can also include work or social interaction. The term is often used in a continuum, depending on how frequently you see each other, the degree of contact, and the discussion of the relationship.

Some psychologists believe that human behaviors are influenced by evolved biological needs. This leads to healthy relationships that encourage communication, negotiation, compromise, and respect for feelings. However, unhealthy relationships can affect your mental and physical health. In an unhealthy relationship, you may feel discontented, unhappy, or unsupported. The person you’re in a relationship with may be unable to talk about their problems.

Family is an essential component of any discussion about relationships. Although the definition of family varies from person to person, typical characteristics include shared beliefs and values, regular interactions, and mutual trust.