What Is News?


News is information about current events that may be provided through printing, post systems, broadcasting, or through the testimony of witnesses and observers.

Generally speaking, news should be accurate and reflect reality. It should also be fair and impartial.

In journalism, the terms “hard news” and “soft news” are used to distinguish between the types of information that are available.

The difference between hard and soft news is that the former is based on facts, while the latter involves opinions or analysis. It is important for readers to understand the differences in order to make informed choices about what they read and how they consume it.

To determine whether an event is newsworthy, the writer should consider how significant it is in the eyes of the reader. For example, if a scientist reports that an insect is living on a new plant that it has never previously lived on, it is probably not news because it is not interesting to the general public.

Alternatively, if an archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church says that it should ordain women priests, that is news because the views of the archbishop are important in determining the policy of the Church.

To write a good news article, you need to include facts from research and interviews, and include quotes from people who have firsthand experience of the topic. In addition, you should use an inverted pyramid structure, putting the most critical information in the first paragraphs and supporting it with further details as you move to the end of the article.