What Is News?


News is new information that is transmitted through a variety of media, including newspapers, websites, radio and television. This includes news about war, government, politics, education, health, the environment, business, fashion, entertainment and sport.

A news story is a collection of facts that can be arranged in a chronological order to make them easier for the reader to understand. It is usually placed in an inverted pyramid, with the most important information in the first paragraph and followed by a series of supporting facts until the end of the article.

The news value of a piece of information is the degree to which it has interest or importance in society. This can be influenced by the prejudices of journalists and the political environment in which they work.

Weather: The weather can affect our daily lives and is of interest when it behaves unusually, for example when a cyclone or bush fire takes place, when there are droughts or floods. It can also be significant when it brings news of important events, such as the size of a crop or the price of food in the market.

Food and drink: People want to know about shortages and gluts, when there are new crops being grown or a new brand of beer is launched. They are also interested in stories about entertainment, including music, dance, theatre and cinema.

Famous people: The lives of prominent men and women are always of interest, especially when they fall from power, lose their money or are involved in scandals. The way in which they dress and act is often also of interest, as is the way they treat women.