Home Improvement Projects That Add to Your Home’s Value

Home improvement is a popular way to make your house more comfortable and functional, but it’s important to choose projects that will actually add value. That’s why it’s crucial to research costs and return on investment before tackling pricey renovations.

Homeowners may feel the urge to remodel in response to a variety of factors. For example, higher mortgage rates may prompt homeowners to renovate if they plan to stay in their homes longer. Homeowners age 55 and over also account for about half of all spending on home improvements, according to Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies.

The most popular types of projects include installing a new front door, replacing flooring, and adding fixtures. However, don’t be tempted to overdo it – some projects can detract from your home’s value and curb appeal. For example, an over-sized swimming pool or a detached garage are unlikely to boost your asking price when you sell.

Many DIY projects can be completed without the help of a contractor. However, if you do need professional assistance, it’s important to find a qualified contractor and shop around. Look for reviews, licensing and insurance coverage, and loan features.

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