What Is Technology?

Technology is the collection of techniques aimed at using resources to solve problems, meet needs and/or satisfy wants. It includes tools, processes, systems and procedures as well as the knowledge and skills used to employ them.

Many modern technologies require complex engineering and construction methods, extensive training to design and use, and specialized raw materials. Many have significant environmental impacts, notably through the generation of unwanted by-products or depletion of natural resources. They also often influence cultural values and create ethical concerns, for example by prioritizing certain pathways while ignoring others.

The most common types of technology are computer systems and artificial intelligence, which replace various operations humans would normally accomplish manually. Examples of this include smart assistants on our mobile devices and self-driving cars. Another type of technology is telecommunications which uses satellites and cellular networks to send information or data.

Another important form of technology is medical, which allows healthcare professionals to monitor the health of their patients. For instance, some technologies can help detect heart diseases by recording biometric data from a patient’s body.

Another type of technology is business, which uses technology to improve business processes and communication. For instance, some businesses rely on automation tools such as Boomerang to help manage emails and reminders in an efficient manner. This helps reduce the burden on human resources while still ensuring high productivity. While most people consider technology to be a vital component of their daily lives, not everyone understands the full scope and benefits that it offers.